Education is everything for human beings who carry the responsibility to make the world better. With education, the life of generations could be changed, the world could be managed well and the future could be bright and sustainable. The vision of EON Center is to bring everyone an equal and advanced education platform where all education resources could be shared among nations through deploying culture-fitted principles, exchanging curriculum and teachers, as well as utilizing education technologies.


To be the hub among nations for Co-Education, Co-Innovation and Co-Evolution; EON Center will connect with educational institutions, research institutions and business sectors among nations, and to initiate or facilitate any education-related joint projects or academic-industrial cooperation projects, to share educational resources among nations.


EON Center is the member of “Millennium Ecosystem Alliance” which aims to build a sustainable ecosystem with JUST, MERCY, HUMILITY.

A successful businessman can only change the future of one industry; 
But a successful teacher can change the lives of million students.
by Founder of EON Center